Casinos Odds

For years, people have tried many strategies and techniques to beat the house and odds and most of them has their own technique that can be used to beat the house and all of them said that their technique is 100% perfect and useful but there is no such thing that can make every round of a game as winner the player if the luck does not favor the player.

So, you may think that there is nothing that can beat the casino but there are some people who tried to make their technique more useful in the scientific ways and for some cases they became succeeded. Every casino thinks that all the gamblers of the house are their enemy and they use different security methods to check out how the players are using their own technique in the game to beat the casino.

The house will be always happy to take all the money people use to gamble in their casino and they do not like those people who win in the casino and have all their money back. As an example of blackjack, casinos usually employee professional card counting masters, so that those masters can tell the casino about the players who are using card counting technique to beat the house.

Using Card Counting

In blackjack, people are using card counting technique to have better odds in the game. You will need a great patience and skill to be mastered on this technique. You have to keep count of the dealt cards and based on that theory you have to think which card can come out next. The counter also have to make sure that which cards are not dealt already and what are the value of those cards. You can learn the total process after practicing for certain time and you have to be focused to be skilled in this technique.

Roulette is another popular casino game and you can't use any technique to make sure that you will win next. This is a game where your luck is everything and that will decide whether you win or lose. There is no certain way to beat the house but there are many types of bets so you can bet on those bets where the bets have more chances to win than others, the payout can be smaller than other bets but you will play more time if you lose smaller money at a time and for a long run you can win as much as you are not expecting from the game.

Cheats are something that casinos do not tolerate a bit and they cost a lot to prevent cheats and cheaters. Cheats can be made by anyone but there are only a few for the past centuries who have used cheats successfully in the casino to beat it. Joseph Jagger was a famous cheat who had found a biased roulette wheel and by playing with the wheel he had earned a lot that people used to say that he broke the bank of Monte Carlo.