Casino Download

There are many players who like to play online flash casino games. People can think to play those games anytime they want but for that they have to download those games and usually is not possible for every occasion. Players want to play those games with their computer by not watching the ads of the casino and there are some ways to download these flash games and the procedures to download those games are given below to help players like me who really love to play games on their computer.

Flash Games Download

This is an easy task to do and you can do this with different ways. You can check the source code of the page and get the link of the game from the website. You can also wait for loading the game fully on your browser then get the file of the game from the browser's temporary file containing folder.

Thought, this website will help you to get flash games but for some websites of flash games, this technique will not work but there are many websites full of flash games so you can get the game you like if you follow the simple tips below:

Process to Download:

  1. First visit the page where the game is placed
  2. Then copy the URL of the page and put it into the File2HD
  3. Then Set the Filter to the Objects options and then click on the Get Files Button
  4. Then, this website will get you the clear link of the file of the game
  5. At last right click to the link and save the link as "Save Link As" button to the computer of yours.

Offline Playing Flash Games

When you have the game on your computer, then you will need the free flash player software and you have to install the software on your computer to play that game. The software will make the game file into real game so you can easily play the game like other flash game.

Follow the Tips below:

  1. First download the flash off liner and then install
  2. After completing the installation process, check the icon of the taskbar and right click the icon to run the software and games in it.
  3. The software will need 2 steps done to add games within it's list and after competing these 2 steps you will be able to play and enjoy flash game.
  4. Then, use the option of icon of the software to create the new list with the updated flash games that you want to play.
  5. After this everything will be ok and you can easily play all the flash games you already downloaded on your computer.