Baccarat Wagers

Baccarat is a common casino games and players are use to play the game because it has the highest chances to win in the game. This is game what was played by the royal people in the past because the betting amount of this game is really higher than other table or card games of the casino and only a rich player could afford that amount in the past but in this modern age the situation is changed and normal bets can be made in baccarat now.

You can bet lower amount in the game and every casino has a limit for higher and lower amount for this game to protect the players for not being bankruptcy for a single bet. There are mainly 3 betting types in the game and a gambler can bet on player's hand, or banker's hand or a tie hands.

Every betting type has its own spot to place the bet and for every betting type has its own payout ratio so if you bet on the banker's hand then you will get payment as the banker's hand payout ratio not for the player's hand ration. We have made clear discussion about each bet of the game so all our users can learn about all types of bets in this game and the chances to win for a single type of the bets. Below we have clearly discussed about the game's betting system and we are sure you will understand everything about the betting system of baccarat.

Banker's Bet

This is the common bet in baccarat because this bet has the highest winning chances in the game. This bet has the lowest chances for the house so the player has to pay a 5% commission to the house either the player win or lose. You have to keep the commission out of your playing bank roll when you are betting because you have to clear all the commission after you quit from the game. Banker's hand has 51% chances to win in every round of the game.

Player's Bet

If you are playing with the player's hand and bet an amount with the hand then the winning ratio will be 1:1 that means if you bet $50 and win and then the house will pay you $50 and you do not have to pay the commission. This is the 2nd popular bet of the game. If you play with the player's hand, then you have to draw your cards first before the banker and you also act first so this gives the house slightly higher advantage than the player.

Tie Bet

When you want to place a bet you will be able to see both hand and both hand must have the same value. This is the worst bet of baccarat because the chances to happen this event is rare and the house has 15% chances to have your entire betting amount. The payout ratio is 8:1 but if tie does not occur you will lose your full betting amount.