Craps Bets

Pass Line

This betting system is really popular and most of the players making this as primary betting. If you just want to play through this betting then you need not to know the other betting for the craps because it is very easy and winning chances are available in this betting.

Field Bet

This betting is really helpful for rolling of playing any time. You will win in this betting if you have three, four, nine, ten and eleven rolled. You will be able to get double and triple while you play through two pays and twelve pays. You will loss the deals if you throw five, six, seven and eight.

Come Bet

This betting system and the playing system is like the pay line betting but through this system you can play any time.

Place Bets

This bet is established on demand point. You have to place a bet before the seven points is rolled. You will be able to bet any time but you have to ensure that a number is previously established. You will be paid like below.

  • or 10 = 9:5 (6,7% of house edge)
  • or 9 = 7:5 (4% of house edge)
  • or 8 = 7:6 (1,5% of house edge)

"Buy" bet is like the place bet and there is only difference on payoff. While you will buy a point and you will win the deal then you have make a commission of %5 and you will be paid four and ten for 2:1, 5 for the 3:2 and 6, 8 for 6:5.

Proposition Bets

This betting is paying follow like below:

  • Any Seven = 5:1
  • Eleven = 16:1
  • Ace-Deuse = 16:1
  • Aces = 31:1

Pass Line Bets Free Odds

You can increase your pass line betting having odds if a point already been established. Free odds are paying like the true dice game that mean there is no commission for the house if you win the free odds and this the only option for the casinos where you can have height percentage on the free opportunities. Free odds betting are placed behind pass line otherwise original "flat" bet. Every point number is paying several odds.

Free Odds for Come Bets

The odds on come bet will be made accurately same method as chances on pass line betting. It is like regular odds betting.