Blackjack Betting Options

Doubling Down

Though you have to bet first but you can double your bet than the primary bet. In this case you have to take an extra card from dealer. If you win the deal then you will be paid one part of the winning cash from the two parts of total cash.


If you wish you can split your hand. If you get the 10 valued cards for the first two face cards then you can split it for two hand bet. If your face cards are not ten valued then you will not be able to split. Your new hand will be played independently. If other pair is dealt for the two hands then you can split again and then you will be the owner of three hands. The casinos have rules in this field and they have restricted splitting. You have to keep in mind that splitting hand doesn't have blackjack through there is an ace and ten valued card. This hand will be counted 21 points but not the usual blackjack game.

Doubling After Splitting

There are some casinos which will allow you play through double down hands that mean you will be able to more splitting.


It is very important rule for the blackjack players. This system is that if you surrender while your dealer is checked for the blackjack and if you don't have the blackjack then you will be paid your half betting cash. This system is called by the early surrender.


While the dealer has the ace for the face card then he or she can offer you to have insurance. If you buy insurance and your dealer has blackjack then you will be paid your half betting cash. Most of the modern casino players neglect this method. You have to omit this offer because if your dealer has no blackjack then you have to lose your betting cash.

Five Card Charlie

In some casinos will allow you to have the five cards that mean you will be able to hit for five cards if you don't burst. In this case you will win the deal. For this option you will be paid half of your original betting. You will not be able to apply for this if your dealer has blackjack and you are splitting for two hands or three hands. You just hit five times for five cards while you not bust 21 points yet.