Casinos Professions and Careers

The casino gambling establishments have long and exciting history. After visiting the house the gambler experiences a lot of emotions and save some memories. One of the most noticeable and important things in the casinos is the level of the service provided and the attitude of the casino staff towards gamblers. Their professional skills and knowledge play also an extremely important role.

General Casino Jobs Requirements

  • The knowledge of foreign languages
  • Possibility to work unlimited workday, on holidays and weekends.
  • Good physical health
  • To have the perfect memory
  • Possess the possibility to make mental mathematical calculations.
  • To be calm and patient, especially with drunken and temperamental players

Casino Dealer

One of the most popular casino professions is the casino dealer. One, who are going to apply for this job should be ready to meet very serious and quite exacting demands. The bankers should:

  • Possess good counting skills
  • Know the rules and the strategy of the serving game
  • Possess excellent communicative skills, as the bankers should always keep the talk with the gamblers at the table or roulette wheel.
  • The casino dealer should also be very attentive to define card counters and cheaters; and to count the chips and payments properly.
  • Possess positive human qualities and be pleasant.

Casino Pit Boss

The other names for this profession are:

  • Gaming Supervisor
  • Pit Boss
  • Manager
  • Arbiter.

The bit boss operates several playing objects at the same time. So it is required for his/her to know perfectly all the games rules and be an expert in them. Pit boss is responsible for keeping the gambling action moving, to control the frequency of the spinning reels or making bets. The more bets players place and the more often they throw the dice, the higher is the casino profit.

He/she is also the final arbiter in solving some gaming problems, concerning the rules of the plays.