Roulette Bets

Two kinds of European roulette table betting are available where one is inside betting and another one is outside betting.

Inside Bets

  • The Single Number bet

    Single number betting is really easy to realize. While you want know how to play through this betting then you have to choose a number between 0-36. You will be paid 35/1.

  • Split bet

    Split betting is called by twice betting on roulette table. Through this betting you can place your bet on 2 numbers and if you win the spin then you will be paid 17/1.

  • Street bet

    To play through this system you have to put your bet on three numbers and you must consider the same line for it. You should serially put your bet like 7, 8 and nine on a row and the winning chances are 11/1.

  • Four Numbers bet

    You can bet on 4 numbers on roulette table. It is called by box betting or squire betting. You have to bet like- ten, eleven, thirteen and fourteen. You will be paid 8/1.

  • Six Number bet

    It is another system to bet on roulette table and if you want to apply this method then you have to bet through six numbers. It is called by box of six betting.

Outside Bets

  • The Dozen Bet

    This betting is placed on landing of the ball. Usually the ball will stop on 1-12, 13, 14 or 25-36 and cash winning chance 2:1.

  • Column bet

    You should bet on the column

  • Even-Money bet

You should bet for the number where the ball will land. Colors will not be varied and if you win then you will be paid double of your original betting.

The European roulette betting is restricted in inside and outside betting. There is also cash limit for these two betting. If you bet $100 on inside betting then you can bet $1000 for the outside betting. If any casino loses the outside bet then that will only payoff twice for outside betting. For $1000 column betting the casino will cost $2000 and for the height cost of casino is $35000 for the $1000 betting.