Roulette Variants: Play Roulette Online for Free at Popular Casinos

One of the most fascinating and exciting games of chance; Roulette has been played since ancient times when Roman soldiers used their shields for spinning. We play Roulette online in its form today that first originated in the modern period of Baroque when Roulette wheel was first discovered. In the 19th century, the game structure underwent a big change when a zero was added to the 1-36 number range. รูเล็ต soon reached overseas and started appearing in the gambling parlors of New Orleans where it was once again modified to cater operator requirements. A double zero was added this time, increasing the casino advantage and making the game a popular casino game all over.

At every land-based casino, two primary Roulette variants namely French and American are found. The main difference between the two versions is the number range, giving different casino advantages, French Roulette being more popular in this regard. When you play roulette for free online, you can choose between these versions.

There are 38 numbers on the Roulette wheel in American version with single and double zero. The numbers are distributed across the red and black areas in pairs of odd and even. There are inside and outside bet options and no limit to the number of bets a player can make on a single spin. All the bets lose when the ball lands in zero or double zero slots and this increases the house edge in this version.

Roulette Game Strategies

The strategies for Roulette are focused mainly on betting systems like James Bond Strategy, Grand Martingale and Martingale. These strategies are designed to recover player’s losses in a spin and make them some considerable profit. This is why they involve increasing stakes after losing spin. Whether you play at a brick and mortar casino or play Roulette for free online at popular casino sites, the strategies remain common. Martingale strategy refers to doubling of stakes while those employing Grand Martingale strategy double the stake, adding original amount to the wager. James Bond strategy involves splitting the stakes across the table to cover most areas and create the losses which are easy to recover.

If you live in the United States, you can play roulette online at popular casino sites. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are great places to start your Roulette experience. European casinos like Caesars Atlantic City, Tropicana Casino, Golden Nugget and Borgata are ideal choices for those who live in the Old Continent. Many online casinos feature live dealer section where you can enjoy live table broadcast from exclusive brick and mortar casinos and resorts. You can choose to play Roulette for free online or some real money Roulette games at the casino site you like the most.